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How to Relieve Congestion Naturally At Home

Natural relief for nasal congestion is as close as your kitchen, but you just need to know a few of the best remedies on how to relieve congestion before you begin. When those nasal tissues are inflamed and swollen it results in stuffiness and pressure in your head, and around your eyes. While this is not a life threatening condition it is certainly one of the most aggravating and frustrating physical complaints.



The pollens that are circulating in the air can create nasal congestion but so can air that is too dry or too warm. A room or home humidifier can add moisture to the indoor air that you are breathing. There are even air purifiers with HEPA filters that will trap and remove such nasal irritants as pet hair, dander, pollen and bacteria.



Garlic may be a ‘no-no’ for vampires but these aromatic bulbs are a quick and easy fix for nasal congestion. Eating fresh garlic can help relieve the stuffiness and discomfort, but you can even create a soup or juice from the cloves of garlic. Using fresh garlic is an ideal way of alleviating those annoying symptoms. Some people have even inhaled the aroma of crushed garlic and been able to banish most of their nasal congestion.


Boil Some Ginger

Boil some freshly grated ginger in water and then pour yourself a cup of spicy tea. You may even want to sweeten the beverage with a little honey before drinking. The aromatic tea is going to help thin the mucous in your nasal passages as you inhale the steam. Sipping this hot beverage will also soothe a sore throat and help break up sinus congestion. The delicious flavor belies the fact that is a super healthy drink to enjoy any time nasal stuffiness is creating problems in your life.

You can even substitute some ground ginger spice for the grated ginger root and accomplish the same wonderful results. Most people feel that the fresh ginger is stronger and provides faster relief.


Cayenne Pepper and Black Pepper

Cayenne pepper, black pepper or fresh peppers can all be added to soups, stews or savory drinks. These spicy ingredients contain helpful compounds that help drain sinus passages and relieve tissue inflammation. Mint leaves and rosemary sprigs can also be used in a similar fashion.


Hot Shower

Hot showers in an enclosed bath space will provide you with warm steam that you can inhale easily. The mist will help reduce swollen tissues in your nose and sinus tracts. The warm, moist air will help loosen the thick, stuffy mucous and allow it to drain from your sinus and nasal cavities. Adding essential oils such as lavender, mint or eucalyptus will also bring you faster, more pleasant relief from that frustrating stuffy nose.


Today it is becoming more common to use syringe bulbs or Neti pots to help clear the nostrils and nasal passages. These are small instruments that help you clear the mucous and congestion from your nose and sinuses. All you do is place warm, salty water into the Neti pot or syringe and then flush your nares with the water. This may not be the solution of choice for every individual but if done correctly it will clear that nasal stuffiness very quickly. Follow the above mentioned methods on how to relieve congestion and you are well on your way to living comfortably.

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